Hero ignitor – The New Hero In Town

So there is a new Hero in town. No this time it is not Shahrukh, Salman or Amir Khan. This new Hero is actually Hero Ignitor one of the brand new babies of Hero Motocorp, the world’s largest manufacturer of two wheelers. After the parting of ways between Hero and Honda, the bikes from Hero Motocorp are all being designed to take on the Honda bikes. Going by that trend the Hero Ignitor is Hero Motocorp’s reply to the Stunner from Honda.
Hero ignitor

Hero Ignitor Features & Specifications

The Hero Ignitor features a 125cc ATFT engine. This stands for Advance Tumble Flow Induction Technology. The ATFT ensures that air and fuel mixture flows from the carburetor to the engine cylinder with a tumbling or swirling action. As a result the rider will get more efficient fuel burning. You will get more power for your bike, lesser emissions and will save more on the fuel.

The 125cc ATFT, single cylinder, air cooled engine provides a maximum of 11 PS power at 8800 RPM. The engine is painted in black that makes the bike look more classy and elegant. The vacuum slide helps to provide varying venture size and thus maintains constant velocity. The 5 transmission gear allows you to ride the bike and change the gears effortlessly.

The Hero Ignitor comes equipped with a digital speed panel and an analog RPM meter. The split seat will allow you a better grip over the bike while riding. Also it gives an altogether sporty look to the new Ignitor. Both you and your pillion rider will find the split seat comfortable. The bike is fitted with five spoke, alloy wheels that help to enhance the overall appearance of the bike and also comes with an option for a front disc brake. The rear view mirrors are dual tone and come in sleek, pointed hexagon design.

The use of tubeless tires in the Ignitor provides for an increased safety. The tubeless tires mean that even if there is a small puncture in the tire, it will only lead to a gentle deflation instead of the motorbike losing control in the middle of the road.

Hero Ignitor Price

Besides focusing on increasing the sporty look, the manufacturers also focused on the bikes reliability and that is exactly why the Ignitor comes fitted with a maintenance free VLRA battery. As far as mileage is concerned, the mileage of Ignitor is around 60kmpl. This bike will arrive in the market sometime in the first quarters of 2012 and its price is expected to be around Rs 48,000.

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97 Responses to Hero ignitor – The New Hero In Town

  1. ambati siva rama krishna says:

    superb bike

  2. avijit halder says:

    what is this HERO i think u launch a copycat of Stunner. Try something new and prove ur self. We r waiting

    • raj says:

      ya it seems a copy of stunner but good job to compete with stunner of honda.. we shall wait to see what it do .. but the truth is that it exactly seems to resemble honda stunner..

      • kiran says:

        almost a replica of honda stunner, may be hero brought the copy right of stunner
        i advice not to launch this bike or it will be shame for hero, please try something new like impulse….!!!!

      • Harshal says:

        No Kiran impulse is also a copy cat of honda bros 150 and also maestro a copy of honda activa

    • ajit says:

      atlist thy had copy right of stunner if u hv power thn u prove it

    • yogesh says:

      how can everyone saying its a copy
      as hero and honda used to work together in past
      so it may be a common design designed by hero honda
      ig it was a copy then i am sure hond sued hero but as far as i know they dint do anything like that
      think logical guys

  3. patil says:

    totally copy, exam bhi copy karke pass hoye ho, bike to apni khud ki bana lo.

  4. Ren says:

    Not “New hero in Town” ….”The biggest ZERO in town” … Shame ..how Hero copied Stunner… No creative designer @ Hero cop???

    • neelabh says:

      Hero dint copy..coz Honda is providing technical support till 2014..so this is the design of Honda only…yeah but requirement for this kind of bike wud hv been asked from Honda by hero moto Sales only..

  5. Chetan says:

    yeah doesnt seems to be different from stunner…but its made available at much cheaper rate…

  6. seth says:

    Another bike from Hero to compete with Honda. Not bad.

  7. AJIL JOHN says:

    Copy of the model stunner. this is a shame to heromotocorp that they don’t know to desingn beautiful bikes.

  8. AJIL JOHN says:

    i love heromotocorp pls desingn beautiful bikes

  9. DX says:

    when i saw it 1st time , i guess is this a new stunner….?

  10. DX says:

    ya it’s copy , what will u do.

  11. Elvis Fernandes says:

    Its complete copy of stunner..but still good..

  12. Hrutik says:

    Superb bike… Please tell me when this bike launching.

  13. Rafeeq says:

    This bike rock on road march 2012 bye bye cbf stuner

    • mark says:

      no way to say bye for stunner,,, am damn sure tis wl b a big flop for ignitor as well as to hero,,stunner is dashing,, they slightly changed some things from stunner dat tank cover nd all, its not dat gud looking, compared to stunner

  14. Abhijit Ghosh says:

    I’m planning to buy my first bike.
    I want a good milege and a good look too…..
    I don’t know how to maintain a bike….
    I have to use that bike more than 6 years….
    Please any one suggest me, should i go for hero ignitor or else?????
    Please mail me @ abhijitg.39@gmail.com…..

  15. Rahul says:

    Sir, i ride my friends pulsar 180 4-5 times.
    Now i wan to buy my own bike.
    Which bike give me a good milege, performance low maintenance within 55000 rupees….

  16. Harshal says:

    I think Hero Honda was a better brand because after the separation from Honda, Hero motocorp has just became a copy cat.

  17. Abhishek says:

    Good design… Let it be a copy of stunner but this vehicle has better design and power than stunner…. I guess this bike will rock if the bike is given the price around 50000 off road.

  18. samir says:

    Waw !! Very nice design and looks better than stunner. When it will be available in the market?

  19. GANESH NIKAS says:


  20. vikash singh says:

    i am waiting waiting for booking so come soon launching harry up

  21. tush says:

    igniter is copy atleasts tell light should be different they can copy to karizma ya r15 also then it will be more popular

  22. suman says:

    Its a good bike sir..i want to buy a new one , so would u please tell me ignitors lunching date and its price in odisha…I will go for it ,yaa its like a copy of stunner but greater then that …all the best hero motocorp

  23. suman says:

    please inform me when it lunch in odisha…its my contact number…08895514855

  24. NIKESH says:


  25. Mayank says:

    Hero launh kab karga ignitor kooo

  26. gsekar billu says:

    nice bike

  27. gsekar billu says:

    super bike

  28. Ravi kumar.C says:

    Its seems like a copy of stunner,but price is cheaper than stunner,hero is a indian company we encourage desi companies as well as quality

  29. aarav says:

    This bike will arrive in the market sometime

  30. rajesh says:

    stunner is already failure in market hw r u expecting the bike will get success in makket?

  31. Gaurav Kainth says:

    I trust on Hero Honda so plz suggest In Which month IGNITOR launch………….

  32. SHALABH says:

    should i buy dis bike?…..at this range of price



  34. Mahesh says:

    this bike looks copy of Honda stunner,but the price is less then Honda stunner i.e great & good to purchase a Hero ignitor.

  35. SARATHPRASAD says:

    hey HERO . . . Do sumting urself . . this is simply STUNNER2 by looke . . . . but lets c wat this hero engine can do . . . . .

    pls try to forget “honda bikes” . . . its over

  36. Rahul Sharma says:

    Greet bike invent by hero motocorp……………… Good Job i like this bike and i am sure to buy that bike

    Thanx to Heromotocorp

    All the Congratulational to their team of Hero Ignitor..

  37. Nasaru says:

    now available in the kerala?what rupees in kerala

  38. Ramesh says:

    I like ignitior. Design look amazing.I m waiting so much month buy hero ignitior.

  39. Raja says:

    Ya its gud but look like a stunner.

  40. Tejganesh says:

    What the price in town of hero igniter below 60,000(or)above 60,000 icunfuded about this price perfect price

  41. NAYAN says:

    “Hero is most dependable,bilevable company.” but Ignaitor is looks like copy of stunner. Price is not important but the main things is that the bike will has to new design no copy to other.you have design ur own imagination.for an example:- 1)low price-deluxe
    2)medium price – cbz
    3)high price- karizma zmr. So best of luck to designers and company too.
    Do the new?

  42. K says:

    it’s good,let’s hope 4 the mileage

  43. pradeep says:

    i think the bike is superb when compared to stunner . . We get higher torque at the same rpm in case of ignitor. . Stunner was a failure because of provision of self start only. . No option of kick start. . Hero have utilised this week point and have introduced ignitor with kick start. . Thats it. .

  44. Ramappa mardi says:

    I like byk ignitor plz launchg

  45. Neeraj Raj says:

    i think it will give a problem for its fixed head light with his body.

  46. HIDAYATH K says:

    I have also booked hero ignitor.am the first customer of heo ignitor in calicut,kerala.to company please tell exact date launching in kerala and also send ignitor white to calicut koyencobikes please inform me!!!

  47. Deepak pant says:

    Yaar mujhe leni hai ye bike kya koi discount karva sakta hai kya……………..?

  48. gaurav says:

    i booked ignitor on 13/7/2012 and still i don’t have the bike , dealer says that wait 10 more day,s may be the bike will come. may be may be ?

  49. Kalesh says:

    Good look & better price

  50. abhijeet Waingankar says:

    As you are aware weekly Petrol Rates are increasing, in this scenario Bikes & more average……….. but here both the cost are more.

  51. Peter Paul Markose says:

    Dear guys, each vehicle has it’s own uniqueness, twins are not always twins I mean so say that it’s a cloning of stunner. we have to respect each and every one not on the basis of vehicle but on the basis of his/her good moral values. no one knows whether the ignitor will make it up or not. Let us wait for the result, let the people buy it and see how it works.

  52. Peter Paul Markose says:

    Dear guys, each vehicle has it’s own uniqueness, twins are not always twins,there are some differences, I mean some say that it’s a cloning of stunner. we have to respect each and every one not on the basis of vehicle but on the basis of his/her good moral values. no one knows whether the ignitor will make it up or not. Let us wait for the result, let the people buy it and see how it works.

  53. skp says:

    I like all bikes of hero I feel proud of company . Hero was no.1 and also will be..

  54. jithin ramesh says:

    Its nice good looking And smart milege I like it

  55. Anurag says:

    everyone r saying that its a copy of Stunner but who cares … stunner have some issues about riding … and not getting any popularity .. but now its time to experience new look new power and mileage also … i going to purchase it .. no doubt about it .. thanks HERO MOTO CORP …

  56. vinnu says:

    Guys please support Indian made products. No doubt Honda is a top notch company, but its about time we support home grown bikes. If we don’t believe in our products tommorow web we export, noone wud believe em.

  57. rohan vinayak kurle says:

    i like this bike very much
    good job herooooo

  58. suraj says:

    ya its also a copying of stunner…… I think cbz is good choice and its price has been to hogh yaar 66 thousand yarr we gone mad…….

  59. ankit mehta says:

    .everbdy dont wry,n i got first bike on 19.7.2012 in rajasthan n also first frm in india n its diffrence frm stunner,realy its giv gud milage,picup n value for money,n also parfomens…….if u ask frm me smtng abt ignitor plz call me 9461505807

  60. Deep says:

    The Price Of This Bike Is Rs. 65,361 In Kolkata.

  61. anuj says:

    ignitor is good looking ….itne km rupaye me ittna milage & look…like it

  62. Rahul kumar Pattnaik says:

    It is a good sporty bike like Stunner.do something new like CB1000R.

  63. pranav.mk says:

    i like this bike tooo so i want this pls tell me anybudy when ever its lonching.pls e mail. Mkpranav123@gmai.com

  64. Pratyush says:

    I too

  65. yathu says:

    hero shows a new way to rock on through the road…….
    superrb….bike and stylish front cowl..

  66. Binay kumar nayak says:

    Its very stylest.
    May iska diwana bangaya houn.i will achieve it.

  67. Binay kumar nayak says:

    I love this

  68. ankur says:

    I have already been using Hero Honda (now Hero Motocorp) Karizma since past 2 years. & now i intend to buy a new bike in the 125 cc segment with decent average & good styling. I shortlisted Bajaj Discover 125 ST & HeroMotoCorp Ignitor. After having the test drive, i found that the response of the Ignitor was better & it has a crispyness in its features & stlying. The discover wasn’t so bad but i found the riding position not very favourable for me as i am used to karizma.

  69. Bryan says:

    Why every body screaming its a copy of stunner , dont forget hero was in a partnership wth honda , as stunner failed to impress us , so hero upgraded it , definitely hero must be in a contract to produce same like stunner frm honda , so its not a copy , stunner cost rs 70,000 onroad price in assam , while ignitor cost 67,000 onroad price in assam , so I think its a upgraded product of stunner , better to go for ignitor , im gonna buy the white one soon its damn sexy…..

  70. Dharmendra Panchal says:

    kind request you to send me the avaibility of this bike in ahmedabad I am waiting for it becouse of all my technical requierments is fullfilled in this model please replay urgently & if booking is possible please inform me.

  71. gaurav says:

    i dont know which is better cbz or ignitor but ignitor is better then stunner & pulser135

  72. mohit says:

    kya aap kuch naya naheen bana sakte achi compnies se tie up kareen aur kuch naye engine aur naye design kee bykes layeen naheen toh honda aapko peeche chod degee

  73. Arvind padvi says:

    Pehle to me CBZ Le ne vala tha lekin jab me ne Hero Ignitor ko dekha to ye bike mujhe bahot pasand ai aur ab me ye hi bike le ne vala hu .. To kon se colar me lu…

  74. feroz khan kasmir says:

    It not acceptable at all.i think it nt new,rather than new name of Honda stunner.it is better if hero tries Ing new and good, like cbr 150.we hope hero will do something good.

  75. ashish says:

    sir pleasesuggest me that iwant to purchase a bike of hero but iam confuse .because i like passion pro and likes glamour also please give me answer of this question on this ID ashish020295@gmail.com

  76. thirumalesh says:

    ha same to stannar but nice

  77. ignitor ka disk break raigarh c.g. me kab tak mil payega

  78. pooran tandon says:

    ignitor ka disk brrak raigarh c.g. me kab tak milega

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